Make the connection from the classroom to career by exploring career profiles of people just like you, who are using the skills they learned in school to become solution seekers and problem solvers.


Transform your child’s room into an interactive STEAM learning Lab. You can change the activities out as often as you like with our virtual labs,  just as long as they are learning, inventing, creating, building and becoming!


Access standards-aligned classroom activities to support the teacher’s career success. Activities feature step by step instructions to implement activities in your classrooms. Learn about our approved CEU Teacher Trainings! 


Bring new solutions to STEAM education through engaging classroom experiences. Make education more exciting and relevant to the lives of young people. Connect with a classroom today!

My eSTEAM Kits is the first of its kind STEAM learning system that addresses the STEAM workforce and confidence gap by bridging industry and classrooms through hands-on projects that build confidence, STEAM skills, and leadership.



Here you can review some statistics about our Education Center

of students increased confidence in math and science
of students had more knowledge of STEM careers

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