My eSTEAM Kits is a monthly subscription box for girls ages 8-12 that strengthens the future entrepreneurship and STEAM workforce.   

Through hands-on experiments and connections to women industry professionals we shape the future workforce possibilities and talent of tomorrow.  

What are you doing to support your child's interest in Entrepreneurship and STEAM? 

Transforming young girls into future innovators   

Over 80% of the future jobs will require a background in STEM Education.  Yet, between the ages of 8-12 over 40% of young girls lose interest in STEM and less than 10% of women are represented in the STEM industry.  

Discovery Meets Career Exploration 

Each month you receive the materials you  need to complete up to 5 trials of an experiment.  All experiments are hands on and designed for girls to design, build and create a product that's aligned to a specific career field.  

You Cant Be What You Don't See 

My eSTEAM Kits aligns ALL experiments with career opportunities and live video chats for girls to speak to women in respective industries.  

We're honored to have the support and expertise of amazing female eSTEAM mentors talking and showing girls some of the great careers built on eSTEAM. 

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